Paul lubia , the  principal of the  company is  passionate  about  his furniture, catch him at any of our  five (5) showrooms strewn around Kampala and you will discover  why! The  trios , Okuba Byron – Professional Architectural Design,  Kiconco Christine – Administrator  and  Kitakwite Arnold – General Manager  are  involved  from the design stage to the  final inspection before  delivery, Paul  has  been  involved  in wood trade  and furniture since  when he  was at  high school after  becoming  an acknowledged  expert  in the theory of  technical drawing and  building construction. He  studied  computer  science, international finance  , marketing and later  graduated  from Makerere University and  Cyprus Institute  of marketing ( British virgin Islands)  respectively. 10  years  ago  he formed  the  VIRGIN WOOD  &  FURNITURE  COMPANY  ideally  to make  new /durable furniture  made from Ugandan/local timber . Virgin wood & Furniture Company works exclusively with   Ash, Oak, Mahogany, Nkalati , Mvule, Musambya timbers harvested  from  Tanzania, Congo, Kenya  and  Uganda

We have sought out chairs and cabinet makers capable of working to exacting standards and polishers who are masters of the art of distressing and hand finishing. The tightly knit and skilled team understand timber and will help raise your dream using both traditional and scientific methods Passed down from generation to generation of cabinet makers

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Chair makers working on cushion fabric to match exacting standard of cient specification

A Major contributor to the unique feel of our finishes is that we very carefully hand plane the surface of the timbers helping to create natural ,texture and feel, which our skilled team of polishers can then build upon . They can achieve a wide variety of finishes to suite your taste and individualise your furniture

virgin woodOur works involves using machine and handwork to match exacting standard and impression of our customers.

Please note

We trade only in our Five showrooms, we have no agents or representatives working on our behalf in other places

Our only legitimate email is [email protected]